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Premier officially opens innovative Wagner Corporation wharf

The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk MP, Premier of Queensland and Minister for Trade will officially open the wharf at Wagners Pinkenba cement plant, a $52,000,000 superstructure, on Wednesday 21 November 2018.

Innovation and future planning between Wagner Corporation and Wagners Holding Company Ltd were the drivers for the wharf construction.

Wagners co-founder and Non-Executive Chairman, Denis Wagner said, “Our aim was to reinvent the design of a wharf structure by using our New Generation Building Materials, Composite Fibre Technology (CFT) and Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC), in the construction of the decking system”.

“The end result is a 100 per cent non-corrosive, non-ferrous modular deck that can be exposed to all required loads, while providing long-term durability and low levels of maintenance,” he said.

Compared to a reference design based on traditional materials, use of Wagners New Generation Building Materials, in combination with reduced truck movements and supply chain efficiencies, will result in a saving of 68,333 tonnes of CO2eq throughout the wharf’s 40-year design life.

While the wharf is located at Wagners Pinkenba cement plant, it is owned and operated by Wagner Corporation and forms part of the Wagner family’s ongoing investment in infrastructure.

Wagner Corporation have invested heavily in promoting and supporting South East Queensland through construction of the Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport and the adjacent Toowoomba Wellcamp Business Park and are committed to building Australia’s first multi-modal rail facility incorporating road, rail and air. The Wellcamp multi-modal freight hub will also be used to consolidate sea freight to dispatch from Wagner Pinkenba Wharf or through the Port of Brisbane.

In addition to the Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport and multi-modal rail facility, the Wagner Corporation owned wharf provides export opportunities from South East Queensland and beyond, and will provide greater efficiencies once Inland Rail is operational.

“The wharf also opens up seamless export options for Wagners’ products with our intention to export cement and aggregates out of Brisbane in the future,” Mr Wagner said.

The wharf is expected to receive around 16 ships per year delivering raw material imports direct to the cement plant. To relieve congestion at the Port of Brisbane wharves,  Wagner Pinkenba Wharf is open to third party access and has the potential for bulk fuel ships and gas delivery ships.

There were more than 188,160 workforce hours on the project and the priority placed on safety saw zero Lost Time Injuries (LTI) throughout the 18-month on site construction period.

The fabrication and the structural deck units were manufactured in Wagners facilities at either Wellcamp Business Park, the Toowoomba workshop or the Wacol Precast facility.



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