Utilities & Services

Wellcamp Business Park Utilities and Services includes a substation on site
Wellcamp Business Park Utilities and Services includes a substation on site

Wagner Corporation owns and operates Wellcamp Business Park and its infrastructure assets. Wagner Corporation's on site Facilities Team can provide fast and efficient services to tenants and owner occupiers for repairs, maintenance, landscaping and asset improvements. Our utilities and services are predominantly underground infrastructure networks and include power, water, wastewater, communication and gas networks.

Wellcamp Business Park Pty Ltd is a registered Service Provider for Electricity, Water and Wastewater and the Service Carrier for Telecommunication. This ensures a simplified connection, efficiencies and opportunity for reduced costs.

Water is supplied from Council’s Town Water system and the Business Park is a registered Water, Drinking Water service provider - conforming to local, state government and Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Power is provided from the local Distribution Network to Wellcamp Business Park through our 33/11kv High Voltage Substation where it extends out to an underground embedded network throughout the Park.

All wastewater within the Business Park is transported via lower pressure and rising mains to our on-site Sewerage Treatment Plant, where it is treated and processed.

Wellcamp Business Park has its own IT data centre, 5G communications tower and underground fibre network for all its telecommunications and data related services.
Further information on the Park's Infrastructure Development and Engineering standards, can be provided on request or by contacting our Administration Office.


Utility Rates and Charges:

Electricity Tariffs (Small/Large) and Metering Charges; https://www.ergon.com.au/retail/business/tariffs-and-prices

Waste and Waterwaste Charges;  Special Meeting of Council to consider the Operational Plan and Budget Adoption (13 June 2022)